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Viewing homes on these hot humid days -notably, foreclosures and other vacant Macomb County homes

July 12th, 2010 · No Comments · macomb county mi real estate market, tips for home buyers, tips for purchasing a foreclosure

During the cold winter months I long for summer. Viewing the foreclosures and vacant homes in the winter isn’t much fun.  In fact, it can be quite challenging and uncomfortable.  My buyers and I cringe each time we trudge our way through snow drifts to enter the home, and no relief is found on the inside if the utilities have been turned on.

Here it is, the summer months, and I’m happier showing the foreclosures and other vacant homes, but they do pose their own challenges and risks.  Yes, risks.

Most bank owned homes do not come with disclosures about the presence of mold or growing mildew in the home. ( HUD is the exception.)  If you’ve been out and about looking at homes these past 2 to 3 weeks and have entered a vacant home then I’m sure you’ve encountered this:  The wonderful strong aroma of a closed up hot house that has had water infiltration. On occasion it can be so bad that the odor greets you the moment you unlock the door and step inside.  Those homes don’t even get a full viewing, most of my buyers wouldn’t even consider them as “on their list”.  We just back away and go on to the next home.

The risky ones in my opinion are those that don’t greet you with the odor at the start but nail you once you get fully inside and in to the basement (or other area that has had water infiltration or mildew growth).   For this reason I caution my buyers that if they have allergies that could be heightened by mold or mildew, or if they have young children with health issues, that I go in the homes first to give them the sniff test before they enter.

Heck, even if your young children don’t have health issues I can’t imagine that the mold & mildew spores are good for them to breathe.  If you can, get a sitter for your children if you are going to be viewing foreclosures.  If you can’t, I make a great sitter and will be happy to wait outside with the little ones while you view the homes.  Or, if there are 2 adult buyers present, one can go inside while the other waits outside, and vice verse.

While I don’t long for winter again, I have to admit that the hot humid days of the past few weeks certainly aren’t fun for my buyer clients, nor for me.  Although, on the upside, it does make us appreciate the owner occupied homes with running air conditioning even more!

~Kris Wales~  A partner for your real estate needs in Macomb County MI
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