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Behind the scenes with a Buyers Agent – “You do all that?”

February 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Buyers agency, tips for home buyers

The common misconception about Buyers Agents is that we take people out to look at a few homes, write the offers, then sit back and collect a paycheck.

Misconception?   What an understatement!

Take for example what goes on behind the scenes before we ever step foot in a home with our buyer clients:

  • Talk with the buyers about their wish list / want list / must have
    list in a home.
  • Sort through all of the thousands of listings in the various
    MLS databases, narrowing down only those that fit the buyers criteria.
  • Research the property taxes on the properties.  (I’ll let you know about
    the importance of this in a separate post.)
  • Check the ownership of the home (looking for conflicting information
    in public records)
  • Sifting through the comments and photos to ascertain whether a home
    meets your financing criteria (Will the condo be HUD approved?  Will
    the home pass FHA or VA muster?)

A good buyers agent will spend hours behind the scenes working in the buyers best interests before they ever step foot into a home.    But you the buyer don’t know that, because we don’t give you a detailed invoice of work performed like other professionals do.   The list above is only  a snapshot of what a buyers agent does for you.  The list goes on and on during the process of purchasing your home.

How do you know if we have done a good and thorough job for you? When you get to the closing table thrilled with the purchase of your new home, with as little stress as possible, and without any surprises.   We willingly take on the stress and sleepless nights so that you don’t have to.

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