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“I found a house on your website and I want to see it tonight” – or – Would *you* meet a stranger at a vacant home?

October 5th, 2010 · No Comments · tips for home buyers

It happens a couple of times a week.  I get a call from someone I haven’t met asking me to show them a home that they found on my website.

First, let me say that I enjoy talking to each and every one of you who pick up the phone and call (or email).  It’s part of my job that is fun for me – meeting new people and getting to know them.

However  (and this is a BIG however)  I will not drop everything and meet someone at a vacant home without getting to know them first.    Yes, it’s a part of my job description to be available during my clients “off work” hours.  Yes, a first meeting has to happen somewhere. Yes, our industry has taken quite a hit over the last few years and my income has suffered right along with everyone elses.   I still won’t drop everything and meet a stranger at a vacant home.

When I ask you on the phone for more information (email address, mortage pre-approval, status on a working relationship with another agent, cell & home phone number, etc.) it isn’t because I am trying to frustrate you or be a pest.  I am asking for 2 reasons:  To assure myself and you that you are ready, willing and able to purchase a home AND so that I have a reasonable assurance that I will be able to tell my family that I will be safe while I am meeting with you.

I have been incredibly blessed in the fact that most of my buyer clients come to me via a referral from their family member or co-worker or friend whom I have represented in the past.  When I hear “Sally gave me your phone number and told me to call you about purchasing a house” I can be assured that I am safe with this new buyer client.

When I hear “I found this house on your site and want to see it tonight” I feel uneasy.  I feel downright nervous.  I also say “No”.   It doesn’t matter to me if it is a $25,000 house or a $500,000 house.  No paycheck is worth my safety. If you are serious about purchasing a home AND wanting a buyers agent to represent you in the purchase, then you won’t mind a few questions nor will you mind a nice “let’s sit down and get to know each other” meeting in my office, or a coffee shop or restaurant.   Most of my buyer clients are happy about the initial meeting and the chance to talk about their needs, wishes and wants before looking at homes.

~Kris Wales~  A partner for your real estate needs in Macomb County MIBuyers agency – a real estate agent to represent YOUR interest.

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