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Viewing an owner occupied home and not wanting to offend the owner…my way on leaving gracefully

February 23rd, 2011 · No Comments · Buyers agency, tips for home buyers

We’ve all come across those homes while house hunting that scream “Get me out of here“.  Whether it’s the clutter, the pet odors, the dirt that you don’t want to see anymore of or a combination of all of these things there is on occasion going be a home that you want to exit quickly.

Thankfully there aren’t that many homes in the Macomb County Michigan real estate market that scream “Get me out of here!” but once in a while it does happen.

If the home is vacant there isn’t a reason to continue viewing the entire home. Things can get a bit touchy though if the sellers are present and you don’t wish to be rude.

I’ll be the bad guy.  That’s my job as your buyers agent. You don’t have to say a word.  We’ll have a “code” before we  begin our tours of homes.  Normally I tell buyers to tap my back or arm if they have “seen enough” and wish to exit quickly.

I did have on one occasion a wonderful buyer client who couldn’t wait to get out of the home we were in before the seller could give us the personal guided tour of the basement. (The seller had guided us throughout the  whole house and was quite determined to show off each feature.)

My buyer client didn’t go for the tap code, he pinched me.

I had a difficult time keeping a straight face, but politely told the seller that there was no need to see the basement as we were running late for the babysitter and had to leave. (There wasn’t a babysitter, or a baby for that matter.)

We were able to leave quickly before the seller could get us into the basement, and my buyer client was so grateful that he was spared the rest  of the tour.

It’s my job as your buyers agent to get you out of those uncomfortable situations. As I said above, I’ll be the bad guy. We’ll set up a code.

Preferably a tap on my arm or back, but if need be, go ahead and pinch! Get my attention and I’ll get you out of there!

~Kris Wales~ A partner for your real estate needs in Macomb County MI
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