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Worry about “tagged homes”, but worry more about homes scheduled for demolition – purchasing a foreclosure tip for Macomb County MI real estate buyers

October 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment · tips for home buyers, tips for purchasing a foreclosure

I remember last summer when a buyer client and I viewed a home in Warren.  It was a foreclosure, and because she was semi-interested in the home I did a bit of research on it the next morning.

The City of Warren had “tagged” the home, which means you  need an inspection from the building department in order to occupy the home after purchase.  When I spoke with the building department to find out if the home had been inspected yet I received a surprise:  The garage had been scheduled for demolition and it would happen that week.  My buyer client passed on purchasing this home, but I did notice in our MLS database months later that the agent still had the home listed with a 2 car garage.  One quick drive by the home would have shown that the garage was no longer there, only the cement pad was left.

When we see or hear “buyer beware” there is a reason for it. All home buyers (especially those not represented by a good buyers agent) need to do their homework and find out everything they can about the home they wish to purchase AND contact the local building inspector.  Ask questions! Ask about required inspections, about the history of the home (permits pulled?).

Better yet, pop in to the local city/township office and talk to them in person. You can also request copies of anything they have in their files regarding a specific home as well as copies of their vacant house ordinance.

An article at this morning brought the Warren house back in to my memory.  The buyer in the article that purchased a foreclosure at an auction wasn’t so fortunate.

~Kris Wales~  A buyers agent in Macomb County MI (586) 536-5453
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